Our Covid-19 Policies & Boost Immunity Tips!


Please read the above notice.

Here are some tips to protect your health:

**Frequent hand washing with soap/water x 20+ seconds.

**Use alcohol-based hand sanitizers & also wipe public surfaces clean before touching them.

Distance yourself (6 feet) in public places, if possible
Cover your mouth & nose if cough or sneeze with tissue, then dispose it.

Self-isolate if you feel ill or have fever, cough, respiratory illness or diarrhea (yes, Covid-19 is shed in feces).

Eat nutritious foods, especially colored veggies, apples & berries
Get 8 hours sleep each night (you need it for a healthy immune system).

Drink plenty of water daily (1/2 your weight/lbs. in ounces of H2O)
Take supplements to boost immunity: Examples: Vitamins B6, C, D & E, Probiotics, Zinc, Garlic, Echinacea, Selenium, Folic acid.

Minimize sugars, fatty foods & alcohol. Stop smoking or vaping!

Light to moderate exercise is good (it lowers the stress hormone)
Speaking of lowering stress…Take some deep breaths several times daily (your watch can help remind you), play with your kids or pets each day, have some quiet time without TV, try yoga or tai chi, read a good book, take a long bath, treat yourself to a facial.