Ultra Femme 360

Ultra Femme 360 is a safe, non-invasive procedure for women who desire an alternative to vaginal/labial surgery for tightening, increased vaginal secretions and sensation as well as improved external appearance.  The radiofrequency energy is 360 degree technology for both internal and external treatments.  The treatments feel comfortably warm and last 30-45 minutes. Blood supply and collagen synthesis are increased in the treated areas. There is no downtime and normal activities may be resumed the same day as treatments.

Who is a good candidate for the Ultra Femme 360?

Women who wish to have nonsurgical rejuvenation of the vaginal canal and external vulvar areas. Women are not candidates if they have an implantable device such as a pacemaker or metal implant near the treatment area or if they are pregnant, trying to become pregnant or with less than 6 weeks s/p childbirth. Other contradictions include an implanted IUD, active infection or fevers, autoimmune disease, a history of radiation therapy or poor healing.

How much does the Ultra Femme 360 cost?

The treatments are done 1 week apart in a series of 4. The cost is dependent on whether both the internal and external areas are treated or just the internal vaginal walls and introitus. A consultation prior to treatment will determine the cost of treatment.

Do the treatments help with urinary symptoms?

Yes, the internal vaginal and introitus treatments may help to decrease stress incontinence. This treatment is often combined with the BTL Emsella chair which is used for strengthening and elevating the pelvic floor with totally non-invasive treatments. The combined treatments may be done on the same days.

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