Vein Gogh

Vein Gogh is a fast and easy treatment to help eliminate small spider veins from the face and/or lower extremities. Vein Gogh uses topically applied energy to the tiny veins and it cuts off  the circulation and eliminates them.

What are spider veins?

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Spider veins, also called telangectasias, are a common problem that may cause unsightly appearance to areas of the face, ankles and legs. They are small veins which are not functioning properly and allow the flow of blood to pool and cause distension of the vein. They often create a spider-like pattern of small veins extending out from a slightly larger vein in a stellate pattern.

What is the difference between spider veins and varicose veins?

Spider veins are smaller and more superficial than the larger varicose veins. Although they both result from the same type of incompetence of the valves within the veins which allows the pooling and distension, they are smaller and never cause pain. Spider veins are considered more of a cosmetic problem.

What are the risk factors for spider veins?

There are many factors which contribute to the formation of spider veins including increasing age, prolonged standing, obesity, smoking, hormonal changes including pregnancy, lack of exercise, family history and sun exposure.

How long do the Vein Gogh treatments last and what is the cost?

One or two treatments may be all that some patients need and others may need to repeat annually or every 2-3 years for recurrent lesions. The cost is based on the areas and extent of treatment but it starts at $250 for bilateral midface treatment in our clinic.

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