Pelvic Rejuvenation/ Non Invasive


    Reclaim your feminine confidence with treatments from the Ultra Femme! The Femme system is a FDA cleared device that is proven to increase elastin and collagen in the vaginal canal. This is achieved by the radio frequency technology when it elevates the temperature in targeted tissue to over 40°C and increases blood flow to the area. Not only will a tighter aesthetic increase your bedroom confidence, but it will also make intimate moments more pleasurable! | Learn More »

    Why Choose Ultra Femme?
    • Comfortable treatments (Just feel heat)
    • Quickest feminine rejuvenation treatments in the industry
    • NO anesthesia, needles, or surgery!
    • NO down-time
    *FDA cleared

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    Don’t accept incontinence as a natural consequence to aging/childbirth! If you struggle with making it through a full movie without getting up to go to the bathroom…or worry about leakage when you laugh hard, cough or sneeze, Emsella treatments are for you! | Learn More »

    Why Emsella?
    • Completely pain-free
    • Remain Fully Clothed
    • Non-invasive
    • NO down-time
    *FDA cleared for stress incontinence

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Prior to treatments I would experience “accidents” sometimes requiring a change of clothing. After the first few treatments I felt a noticeable increase of control of the bladder functions. I feel confident in my ability to enjoy a life free from “accidents”. It is truly a wonderful feeling. I highly recommend these Emsella Treatments and will keep up a maintenance program. Thank you.


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