LaziYoga Facial

A wonderfully relaxing treatment that stimulates and tones the muscles of the face and neck using a stimulating and soothing microcurrent. Recline in comfort while your facial muscles are gently stimulated & retrained for a tightened and lifted appearance.

Collagen Plus C Facial

Combines hydration and intense revitalization with collagen, vitamin C, peptides and other customized ingredients.

Smooth & Silky AntiAging Facial

Combines dermaplaning of the entire face with cleansing, hydration and a customized mask for a photo-finish result you will love.

24 Karat Gold Masque Facial

This will leave you feeling like a golden goddess after this luxurious, hydrating & pampering treatment.

Clarifying Acne Facial

Popular with our teens and 20’s combining gentle cleansing, exfoliation & extractions with pH balanced hydration and antioxidants to clear up those lesions. Best when combined with a personalized home care treatment plan.

Rosacea Relief Facial

Customized for sensitive skin prone to redness and breakouts. This treatment is soothing and hydrating with the use of gentle botanical products that help heal the underlying inflammation.

Black Caviar Facial

The Ultimate in European Luxury, this Anti-Aging Facial is fabulous for Mature skin.

Misty Moisturizing O2 Treatment

Revitalizing Oxygen Therapy with antioxidants & hydration plus peptide Mask.

Sea-C Spa

Vitamin C combines with luxurious hydration for luminous results.

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Dr. Katies Beautiful You Aesthetics has closed and is now under new ownership. You may now schedule your aesthetics appointments with Amachi Medical Aesthetics. The phone number and address remain the same. Their contact information is as follows:


Phone Number: 949-631-2500
Address: 901 Dover Drive, Suite 130 Newport Beach, CA 92660
Email: [email protected]
Website: https://amachiaesthetics.com/contact-us/

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