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What is it?

Intraceuticals O2 facials are a unique line of professional treatments that utilize oxygen under pressure and a cutting edge, 3 step  hyaluronic layering system to Revive, Replenish & Protect the skin. The result is maximal hydration and volume and delivery of protective and rejuvenating anti-aging ingredients such as peptides, vitamins, anti-oxidants and hyaluronic acid. The results are younger looking and feeling skin with fewer lines and wrinkles and smoother texture. In addition to the professional treatments, there are home care products that continue the process and can extend the effects for many days after the service.

An Australian company that has spread globally to more than 55 countries, Intraceuticals products are all paraben and cruelty free. The treatments and products are recommended by skincare professionals, professional make-up artists, celebrities, photographers and many world-famous, high-end spas and clinics.

Who can do the treatments?

Anyone with any skin type or color can see the benefits of the Intraceuticals professional treatments and products. The Rejuvenate series is aimed at anti-aging and the process produces dramatic lift with increased hydration volume and also increased skin tone enhancement. The Opulence Oxygen Facial series combines super concentrated vitamin C with botanical brighteners to decrease pigmentation, brighten uneven skin tone, and correct the pH balance. The result is luminous and radiant skin with decreased pigmentation. The Clarity Sensitive Oxygen Facials clear oil build up and decrease irritation, leaving the skin clarified and refined as well as hydrated.

What if I have specific needs?

Intraceuticals oxygen treatments can be customized with various serums and boosters, lip and eye masks to address all variations of problems. There is even an add-on, Atoxelene, that is a natural, non-surgical alternative to neurotoxins or as a booster to someone who has had neurotoxin injections. . It instantly firms, lifts and plumps the skin to decrease lines and wrinkles.

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