Microdermabrasion is a popular treatment that is recommended for an ultra-fine finish to the skin. It is used for exfoliation/removal of the top layers of dead cells of the epidermis. Once this is accomplished, office treatments & home care products will be able to penetrate and work more effectively. We have ultra-fine crystals or diamond tip options available.

Of note, HydraFacial and Dermaplaning are other options for deep exfoliation and letting your skin’s natural beauty shine through. The choice is individualized but any of these treatments is recommended at least twice annually to stimulate new healthy skin cells and maintain a radiant glow.

Microdermabrasion treatments use a minimally invasive device to gently exfoliate and remove the dead layers of epidermis from the skin. The result is a brighter, smoother, cleaner skin surface which looks fresh and is able to absorb more of the serums and creams that are applied for antiaging, bleaching or any other treatments. 

Who should get microdermabrasion? How often can it be done? 

Almost any teen and adult is a good candidate for periodic microdermabrasions. Inflamed or open lesions or cystic acne areas will be avoided during the treatment. We recommend that everyone could benefit from the treatment at least twice per year in addition to a deep cleansing and hydration treatment as part of a basic maintenance program. Many people do this treatment quarterly or more frequently or they may alternate between microdermabrasion treatments and HydraFacials.

How much does microdermabrasion cost?

The treatment is usually done as part of a facial which will include cleansing and hydration. It may also be combined with an oxygenation treatment and/or LED light therapy. It also depends on what body part is being treated since the back, for instance, is a lot more extensive than the face or face, neck and decollete’. The treatment starts at $95.

Of note, these treatments are included in our partner programs such as our Beauty Boot Camp (monthly treatment/beauty on a budget) and VIP programs.

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