I turned 59 a week ago and decided that 2021 would be the year I would invest in myself. Dr. Katheryn Ross is the only doctor I trust. She is fantastic, well-skilled, patient, and artistic. Knowing that all these needles are going into your face can be scary, but Dr. Ross made me feel comfortable and assured. This was my first ever microneedling procedure. There were areas of my face that were more susceptible to sensitivity but my face was numbed and the treatment was quick. I had a little redness and swelling right afterward and the next morning most of the redness was gone. I followed the directions for after care that Dr. Katie provided. I am excited to continue the process with 2 more appointments to come. I read great reviews about the RF Micro Needling procedure and I am looking forward to July when I attend a family reunion with my rejuvenation and glowing skin.

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