I was very nervous to undergo my first microneedling treatment, as I had looked at pictures on the Internet beforehand. Some of the outcomes were frightening, but Dr. Katie soon put my fears to rest. She explained that Potenza RF Microneedling was different than other microneedling techniques. With her many years experience as a physician and surgeon, Dr. Katie has unparalleled skill and expertise and can be trusted. The procedure seemed effortless, and was relatively pain free. Dr. Katie has great attention to detail, with the preparation of the areas to be treated by applying a topical cream to numb the skin, along with her patience and time in the performance of the microneedling procedure. Dr. Katie has a very kind bedside manner, she is compassionate, and genuinely cares about the outcome of her patients. I was provided detailed instructions for both pre and post care of the procedure, and any redness or swelling of my skin was minimal and completely gone within 24 hours. I had no bruising of the skin, and I attribute that to both Dr. Katie’s expertise, and by following all of the guidelines provided. I had three areas treated, my face, neck, and décolleté. I have noticed an immediate improvement in the smoothness of my skin, and I am excited to receive two more treatments, recommended to gain optimum results. I highly recommend Dr. Katie Ross at Dr. Katie’s Beautiful You! Dr. Katie is simply the best!

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