We are a Gastroenterology practice devoted to excellence in medical treatment.

A standard of excellence in personalized care enables us to provide the quality treatment and services that our patients deserve. We provide comprehensive treatment planning and follow strict standards of care on your exams and treatment.

As a practice, we are true believers that excellence in medical treatment is derived from both education and experience. We strive to keep current on the latest techniques and standards so we can provide our patients with the safest treatments, and the most optimal results. That’s why we focus on thorough exams – checking your total health before performing any procedures. We feel that procedures are never routine, no matter how many hundreds of times we have performed them. We never take for granted that you have placed a great deal of confidence in us. For this reason, a review of your medical history, your current health, your expectations for treatment and your motivations for electing our practice are all taken into consideration and discussed.

We pride ourselves in providing the care you need to optimize your health.

To give you the best possible service and results, we are committed to continual education and learning. Dr. Ross attends lectures, meetings, and conventions to stay informed of new techniques, the latest products, and the newest equipment that a modern practice can utilize to provide state-of-the-art procedures. Also, being members of various professional associations helps us to stay abreast of the changes and recommendations for our profession and specialty.

Building a foundation of trust by treating our patients as special individuals is vital to our success. We understand how uneasy some patients may feel about exams and treatment, and how we can make a difference in providing a life changing and emotionally positive experience. Our entire team is dedicated to providing you with excellent, personalized care and service to make your consultation and treatment as comfortable and pleasant as possible.

L-Nutra, Inc.

L-Nutra’s team of researchers and collaborators are leaders in the field of nutrition related to longevity and healthspan. L-Nutra has the exclusive rights from the University of Southern California to market ProLon® and other FMD®s, which mimic and enhance the effects of fasting, unleash the body’s natural ability to rejuvenate itself, and promote healthy longevity. These nutri-technologies are the result of decades of lab and clinical research to demonstrate safety and efficacy. For more information, please visit l-nutra.com  and prolonfmd.com.

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